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    The idea for the FaceOff Cloth came to me after years of acne, skin irritations and breakouts. It was just   trial and error when it came to facial cleansing products.

    Cleaning my face with products that contained harsh chemicals and fragrances  wasn’t working for me. I just wanted a simple answer to my everyday question: What is the safest way to clean my face?  I began searching for a healthy alternative to traditional makeup removers and face cleansers that was 100% safe for myself and my kids, and that’s why I created the FaceOff Cloth and FaceOff junior.

    My goal was to develop a product that would have a positive impact on skin health, beauty and the environment. There is nothing more natural and safe than using just water to cleanse your skin. With the help of FaceOff, makeup, dirt and grime are removed easily without damaging even the most sensitive skin types. It’s also eco-friendly, eliminating the need for face wipes and cotton pads.


    Wet, wipe and wash - it’s safe, quick but most importantly, effective.